The Smartest Minds in Innovation Will Be at BIF-5 in October

Saul Kaplan is putting on yet another amazing Business Innovation Factory gathering in Providence, RI in early October. I’ll be hosting along with Bill Taylor—which means talking with a cast of way-brilliant characters.

BIF is all about story-telling. People get up and tell stories about creativity and change and design and innovation. I’m lucky enough to interview those who want to tell their stories with someone else.

Here’s the list of folks who are coming. Tell me it’s not extraordinary.

Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture & Design, Museum of Modern Art

Linda Avey, Co-founder, 23andMe

Bill Buxton, Principal researcher, Microsoft

Russ Daniels, VP & CTO Cloud Computing, HP

Sarah Endline, Mastermind and Chief Rioter, Sweetriot

Kris Halvorsen, Chief innovation officer, Intuit

Grant Harrison, Vice president of integrated consumer experience at Humana

Jeff Jarvis, author, blogger, professor of journalism

Jonah Lehrer, Author, editor Seed Magazine

Natalie Jeremijenko, Designer

John Maeda, President, RISD

Nell Merlino, Social advocate, women’s rights

Neri Oxman, Architect, Material Ecology Designer

Jay Rogers, CEO Local Motors

Carne Ross, Founder, Independent Diplomat

Michael Samuelson, President, Health & Wellness Institute

Len Schlesinger, President, Babson College

Bob Schwartz, GM of Global Design at GE Healthcare

Patty Seybold, Customer Experience Consultant

Bill Shannon, Chief Wisdom Officer, DaVita

Don Tapscott, Author, business strategist

Steve Trachtenberg, Former GWU President

Helmut Traitler, VP of Innovation Partnerships/Nestle

Gerard van Grinsven, CEO Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Alan Webber, author

Keith Wilmot, Creative Insights Director, Coca-Cola

Richard Saul Wurman, Author, information architect

Jocelyn Wyatt, IDEO designer

Ethan Zuckerman, Social activitist —

So….Come to the BIF Collaborative Innovation Summit in early October.

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