Are Employee Posts on Social Networks Putting Your Company at Risk?

As the popularity of social networks continues to rise, they are becoming more accepted within the business community. Companies use them to communicate with employees and network with customers and prospects, among other uses. The challenge is ensuring the secure use of these Web 2.0 tools for the workplace as they also provide great opportunity for fraud, malware, data breaches, and stolen intellectual property.

There are simple measures that companies can take to minimize the risks of using social media in the workplace:

1. Establish and communicate clear corporate policies regarding the use of social networking sites at work or on company-owned equipment.

2. Provide training for employees on the corporate policies and the safe use of social networking Web sites.

3. Implement technology tools and safeguards to protect employees from malicious URLs and downloads.

4. Confirm that measures are in place to safeguard and protect IP and confidential information from leaving the company.

By employing some simple rules such as those listed above, you can ensure a happy balance between reaping the benefits of the tools and ensuring the security of your employees and intellectual property. No security system is foolproof, but providing your employees with education and training on how to interact can go a very long way. Today’s online threats require an intelligence-led approach to security, and that foundation starts with the employee.

Panos Anastassiadis Chairman, CEO, and President Cyveillance Arlington, Va.

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