How to Promote a Business Event on Twitter

While businesses of all sizes look for ways to leverage Twitter, Web-savvy event promoters are using this hot social networking tool to sell out their events. Here’s how:

1. Create a branded Twitter page for your event. Even if you already have a personal Twitter account, make up a new one for your event. Think of this page as the face of your event.

2. Follow unashamedly. When you follow someone, it sends a lovely "Here I am" message to their personal e-mail in-box. Following people is the equivalent of an invitation. Follow everyone whose attention matters to your event. Many will follow back!

3. Create a unique "hashtag." A hashtag (#) unifies all event-related tweets into a cohesive conversation, both before and during your event. Come up with a hashtag for your event and make people use it. Lead by example.

4. Participate in relevant discussions. Use tools like Twitter Search and Tweetdeck to find people who are talking about subjects relevant to your event. When you insert yourself into these conversations, you’ll expose your event to those who are most likely to respond to it.

5. Foster virality. This simply means getting people to tweet whenever they register for your event, thus affording your event exponential exposure.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Once you have some attention on your Twitter account, do occasionally post things like "Hey, please sign up here for the event. Tickets are going fast." You should also ask people to "re-tweet" your entreats.

Jack Mardack Director of Marketing Eventbrite San Francisco

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