The Case for Lifelong Learning

What are lifelong learners? Lifelong learners are people who never stop learning. They may already have a degree or a rewarding job, but yet still they continue to enhance their ability to learn and look upon their education as a never-ending process. Although on a day-to-day basis the activities we perform may be quite transactional, lifelong learners see life as a process and the daily transactions as stepping-stones through the journey.

Lifelong learners look for the good in every person and situation they encounter on their path. They know they can take something from every experience or interaction with another human. They are diligent in looking for lessons throughout their life that can help them improve their performance.

How can you become a lifelong learner?

1. Read or listen to something stimulating every day.

2. Contemplate ways to implement the things you are learning daily.

3. Evaluate your progress regularly as you increase in wisdom.

Lifelong learners attend seminars and classes not only to receive information, but also to be able to network and collaborate with other humans. They know that in some cases just as much learning takes place through the networking event as through the course itself.

Lifelong learners read or listen to recordings repeatedly to continually increase their knowledge. In addition, lifelong learners read the same material more than once and listen to the same recordings repeatedly, too. After all, since our needs change as we mature through our life journey, different parts of the material become more or less relevant at different points in our journey.

Charlie Fewell President Charlie Fewell & Associates Memphis

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