Bloomberg reports that Businessweek is for sale

It didn’t take much time for the news to spread around the office, as I’m sure you can imagine. I should say at the top that I have no information about the possible sale of BusinessWeek from inside the company. I’m as blind as the general public—though after 22+ years at the magazine a bit more invested in the story.

Jeff Jarvis asked on Twitter: “What would you do with #businessweek if you bought it? I’m a fan. But the business of BusinessWeek has to turn upside-down.”

Some responses: matthaze @jeffjarvis I’d give everyone an opportunity to write for the product. Restricting writers restricts ideas and thoughts.

joshwex @jeffjarvis change the name from BusinessWeek to BusinessSecond.

TerryHeaton @jeffjarvis asks what would we do if we ran #businessweek. Start by changing the name to Business Day. Oh, wait. There’s that brand thing.

mikeorren @TerryHeaton @jeffjarvis Business Day? Why so infrequent? Planning for long thoughtpieces?

Thatcher @jeffjarvis Making it a bit more, you know, pro-capitalism wouldn’t hurt.

dinogane @jeffjarvis turn the @bizweek publication into the loss leader for high end business consulting.

tknuewer @jeffjarvis More news & commentary online, longer stories and a way more spectacular design in print. And much more enthusiasm for topics

scottrcrawford @jeffjarvis has anybody at bw called Sam Zell? ;-)

I have to work on a couple magazine stories. Life goes on. But I’ll be back with thoughts about the future of BusinessWeek. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please share. Thanks.

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