Motivate Each Member of Your Team

For most small businesses, the owner is the key person in the leadership role. Some owners and managers of businesses are convinced that it is only the money that creates passionate performance, productivity, and connectedness in employees. I’ve heard it many times in one form or another: "They are well paid; I don’t understand why they won’t produce."

The reality is that people are motivated to work with commitment and passion by more than one thing. It is certainly true that people work to earn money, but it’s not just the money. Motivation is personal and most of us are motivated to perform with excellence and high levels of engagement by more than one thing.

To determine what drives your team members, find out what they do for recreation. And ask what causes each to feel unsafe or anxious in your work environment. Then help employees feel that they are accepted by designing incentive programs that provide a way for them to win.

How do you recognize and reward employee performance? How are you helping your employees find meaning in their work? Highly successful business managers and leaders recognize that people have personal needs as well as the need for monetary compensation in their lives. They help their employees meet more of those personal needs, combined with adequate monetary compensation as a practice or strategy. Because they are willing to help their employees to meet those needs, their employees raise their level of commitment and become more passionate about their work than when their personal needs are ignored or suppressed.

Charlie Fewell President Charlie Fewell & Associates Memphis

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