Create Momentos Muy Simpáticos

Profitable companies enjoy high levels of customer retention and are joined at the hip with the people they do business with. These companies measure the quality of their relationships at every point of contact. I suggest ypu measure "customer connectedness" in momentos muy simpáticos.

The word simpático does not translate perfectly into English. The closest word we have is empathy. But simpático also suggests the importance of understanding and appreciating the other person’s perspective. The entire phrase means creating very "empathetic" moments.

The goal is to create momentos muy simpáticos at every point of interaction where a representative of your organization is interfacing with the customer. If these moments can be maximized, the value of the interaction will deepen the relationship in a way that results in repeat business, referrals, and the development of a customer for life.

How do you create momentos muy simpáticos?

1. Identify each point of contact you have with prospects and customers.

2. Clearly define the actions that would cause each customer to feel that they are "honored guests" while doing business with you

3. Create a scorecard using customer feedback to inspect the sense of connectedness you are creating with every customer.

Charlie Fewell President Charlie Fewell & Associates Memphis

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