Tanqueray Rolls Global Campaign

Drinks giant Diageo has rolled out a global ad campaign from Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam for Tanqueray gin. Themed

Drinks giant Diageo has rolled out a global ad campaign from Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam for Tanqueray gin. Themed “Resist Simple,” the effort seeks to position Tanqueray as a brand of gin for people who resist the obvious. That idea got translated to “Resist Simple.”

In this TV spot, then line that jumps out is the one near the end about how the people drinking Tanqueray go back to Paris again and again but have resisted seeing the the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa or the Arc de Triomphe.

Positioning the consumers of your product as people who go the other way, or take the road less traveled seems a bit played to me. And who are these people? Why do I care? And what kind of numb-skulls go back to Paris repeatedly without going to the Louvre, or strolling by the Arc de Triomphe. Heck, wouldn’t you eventually pass by the Arc in a cab or on a Vespa? The guy sounds like a jerk.

This is more of the effort of Diageo to globalize its drinks ad campaigns. In fact, though done by a different agency, there is something about this effort from Wieden that makes me think of the Ketel One ad campaign recently released by Diageo and done by Grey.

It’s not nearly as bad as the Ketel One campaign. But the common denominator is a serious lack of creativity. This campaign, like the Ketel One effort, seems like it was ordered through the mail from an agency that advertises in the back of a magazine for franchise business owners. It could be for anything. If two agencies on two different continents are creating ad campaigns for two different brands, and those campaigns look like they came out of the same tired creative group, then I have to point to the client as the culprit on the dumbing down of its advertising.

In another TV spot, called “Backstage,” the virtues of the signature Tanqueray & Tonic cocktail are highlighted with a voiceover that refers to the drink as “…what the guy who often talks his way backstage is having.”

Spirits brands have personalities that must be honed and nurtured through advertising. Look at advertising for, say, Jack Daniels, and you will note that is nothing like the ads for Wild Turkey or Maker’s Mark.

After all, in the case of gin and vodka, there is only so much differentiation you can achieve in the product.

Tanqueray is a good solid gin with some class. It has been served by some clever ad campaigns. This just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

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