KIND Bars Land in Starbucks

One of BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur finalists: Daniel Lubetzky, whose PeaceWorks Foundation helps spur Middle East peace through business ventures between Arabs and Jews, just earned a big business coup for a small business owner. As part of Starbucks initiative to offer more healthy food along with its mochachino’s, latte’s and scones, the coffee chain recently began selling Lubeztky’s KIND bars. Lubetzky launched KIND Snacks five years ago as a for-profit venture that channels five-percent of its profits back into the PeaceWorks Foundation. The New York Times reports on how Lubetzky doggedly pursued Starbucks over the course of several years, two coasts, two continents, and a number of personnel changes at the Seattle coffee giant. It’s a great tale of entrepreneurial determination and one that should resonate with every small business owner looking to hook that big channel to distribute their products.

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