Plan for the Unpredictable

I know the title sounds like a stretch—how can you plan for the unpredictable? If it’s unpredictable, it can’t be predicted, much less planned for!

But how many times a day does something unpredictable or unexpected happen?

How important is structure and predictability to you? The more important it is, the less flexible you will tend to be, and the more you will tend to feel stress when change happens unexpectedly.

Try changing your beliefs about structure and predictability from "must-haves" to "preferences"—then be prepared for the fact that the unexpected will happen.

We all like things to be structured and predictable to some extent, and—change happens! By adjusting your expectations, you can increase both your own and your team’s ability to stay cool under pressure.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership Institute West Chester, Pa.