Mel Gibson, 50 Cent, Tim Geithner, Richard Gere, and Christie Brinkley can't sell their houses

As if celebrities didn’t have enough problems—like paparazzi and wrinkles—along comes the housing bust to tarnish their silvery existence. Chicago Tribune real estate columnist Mary Umberger rounded up a bunch of celebs who are having trouble selling expensive homes, including the above-mentioned Mel Gibson, 50 Cent, Tim Geithner, and Richard Gere. Christie Brinkley’s unsold home shows up in a story by Laura Mann of Newsday. That’s the tippy top of Christie’s house, known as Tower Hill, in the photo. It’s been on the market for $30 million ever since 2007. Don’t feel too bad for the uptown girl, though. According to Newsday, she bought Tower Hill in the late 1990s for less than $3 million.

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