This Week In Old Media Vs. New Media . . .

This week, in the ever-tired, ultra-binary

This week, in the ever-tired, ultra-binary “battle” between old-media bona fides and new-media triumphalism:

— broke the news about Michael Jackson’s death.

—Columbia S.C.’s daily newspaper The State did an old-school stakeout at Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport to break the news about Gov. Mark Sanford’s trip to Buenos Aires. (They also had the emails.)

UPDATE: And the Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney asked the President a question at a press conference, a development that, for some reason, some folks found newsworthy.

Verdict: Either “everybody wins!” or “there’s something for everyone in these results” or “who cares?” You decide.

But can we please agree to stop using each major breaking news story as an excuse to flog your favored hobby horse, whether it’s “new media can’t do what traditional media can” or “old media is sluggish and nonresponsive”?

There’s no reason we have to choose between old and new, ‘kay?

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