Show Appreciation

Pay attention to the performance of your employees and offer them the appropriate praise when they do something well. Giving your workers credit when it is due will create a working atmosphere where people will want to perform at a high level all the time.

Leaders should not be bashful about doling out praise when it is deserved. Come up with a standard method of evaluating people’s performances and thank them for their contributions if it is merited. Your words will go a long way with your employees.

You may find that you will "catch" people doing things well more often if you point out to them when something is done the right way. Be specific so that others may also recognize the type of work you appreciate the most.

Remember: What gets rewarded gets repeated. Make sure you are praising others in a genuine manner, and you will maintain a consistent level of effort from the people you are supervising.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership Institute West Chester, Pa.

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