If Your Business Doesn't Have a Web Site

In today’s tough economy, we all know small businesses need to go the extra mile and beyond to succeed. So how can it be possible that two-thirds of small businesses still don’t have a Web site? Mostly likely, owners and entrepreneurs are suffering from "tech-phobia."

If you’re among that group, it’s time for you to embrace your inner chief technology officer. The place to start is with any number of free online Web content publishing tools. With the best of these services, building a Web site is as easy as creating a Word or Excel document, so you don’t have to spend thousands on Web designers or take night classes to learn code and programming. Then simply channel the same gusto, creativity, and effort that you put into building your business into establishing your online calling card—your Web site.

When creating your site, here are some things to keep in mind:

• Make it look good. First decide if you want to use Flash or HTML. By choosing Flash you can put dynamic images, videos, animation, and music on your site to better convey the essence of your business. HTML is great for text and social features like blogging.

• Cut to the chase. Write clean, relevant text. Search results typically publish only 20 to 30 words of your description.

• Let us know you’re there. One way to get your Web site found is by simply letting Google and other search engines know that you exist by submitting your Web address to their directory.

• Link to your friends and clients (and encourage them to do the same). The more relevant sites linking to your site, the better your chances of getting to the top of the Google search results.

Remember, today first impressions are more and more often made online, and a great site can truly separate you from the competition.

Allon Bloch CEO Wix New York

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