From Social Media to Social Business Design -- A New Business Model

For a provocative and insightful look into what may be the future of business organization design, check out David Armano’s piece on the next iteration of social media—social business.

This is one of the most important attempts to answer the key question of What Comes Next? What comes next after the great recession ends? What will be the New Normal for consumers, for businesses, for all global organizations.

In essence, David argues that it is not sufficient for companies to merely plug into and participate in the social media of its customers. Companies must BECOME social media and be organized as social media.

Wow. First we talked about flattening hierarchy by taking out layers. Now we’re talking about having no layers, no middle.

We need curators of conversations, not managers of people.

OK. So how do we value all this stuff David? How do you value “friending,” as my buddy Steve Baker asks. How to you value conversations, are they all equal and valuable? What does Brand mean and who creates it?

There is a great conference, Copenhagen Co’Creation in late August. I’ll be there. Maybe David and other people thinking about Social Business Design should be there too.

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