Boomers Love The Kindle. Why?

I was on the Jitney today and sat next to a woman from Hawaii who was about 60-something and she had her Kindle. Every time I see a Kindle, it is help by a Boomer (hey, it’s usually a female Boomer at that). I asked her how she liked it and she immediately, an animatedly, showed me how it worked, why she loved it, and what it’s deficiencies are. Her performance was exactly like a a young male geek showing me his latest iPhone app. I mean the same!

Boomers read and the Kindle satisfies this desire. It’s a platform that is light, small, easy to use and better than carrying around heavy books (remember, pain is a constant, especially in the hands, from 55-onward).

But my evidence is anecdotal. Are there any stats showing which demographic is buying Kindle the most and why? And which gender?

BTW, this woman showed me all the FREE BOOKS available for Kindle. She reads 3-4 books a week and doesn’t like spending $10 a book. FREE BOOKS. You won’t find them on Amazon.

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