Is Design Too Important To Be Left Only To Designers? Part 11

I’m reposting a comment by Anne Burdick that links to her speech at Parsons which led me to say raise the issue of whether or not Design was becoming too important to be left just to designers.

Check it out.

“My comment is ancient by blog standards but nonetheless, if anyone is interested in reading the original talk that led to Bruce’s post with the incendiary title, a pdf can be found at:

I am interested in how the appropriation of design by non-designers may give us (designers) insight into the power and definition of design. I believe that our focus on developing a design profession in service to industry has interfered with our ability to understand and advocate for design in larger terms. If design practitioners, educators, and researchers don’t expand thinking about the field, we risk its dissolution into other fields who may do a better job at claiming its powers.

Of course this isn’t a process that can be controlled and I do believe that there is much to be learned through exchange and the testing of boundaries. But I do think that “makers of stuff” need to be better advocates for their unique way of engaging with the world so that the “thinkers” out there—as if making were distinct from thinking—don’t get it in their heads that a few post-it notes and a white board are all one needs to be a designer.”

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