3G Hell. Here's a Workaround Tip

I was in Florida for four days and couldn’t connect to my Twitter account for most of it. I just assumed it was the same old problem with Twitter technology but no, I discovered it was an AT&T 3G problem. Again.

I went to the AT&T place downstairs in Rockefeller Center and found a smart guy who gave me a tip. When you can’t connect to 3G or it’s slow as hell, manually switch to the Edge network.

When I stammered, wait a minute, I thought AT&T automatically switched you from 3G to Edge and back if there are problems, he smiled indulgently and said, “that can take a lot of time. It’s faster doing it manually.”

Wow. My fingers are faster than AT&T’s network computers.

Good news: I’m back tweeting and following Clay Shirkey and lots of very smart people.

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