Focusing on Safety Helps the Bottom Line

For most businesses today, the bottom line is the only line, and helping protect it is of utmost importance. It may even be tempting to cut safety programs and practices in an effort to cut costs, but going down that road is a huge mistake.

The costs of an accident go well beyond the immediate financial price tag. There are damages to property, lost wages, and in too many cases loss of life and the ramifications that come along with that. Other, less obvious damages can come in the form of emotional stress both to the injured and to fellow employees as well as damage to the corporate brand.

Having a focus on employee safety can help drive down costs by mitigating risk factors. It helps employees know their value extends beyond the hours they work each day, which in turn helps improve morale and the workplace environment. Lastly, if safety is a focus, not only will employees have a more pleasant and healthy work environment in which to do their jobs but they will also be able to contribute to a more productive and efficient workforce.

Here are some ideas for putting safety first in your company:

1. Produce clear, easy to follow ‘safe-working’ procedures. 2. Communicate often—make discussions about safety a common thread in company communications. 3. Implement technology to help elevate safety and accountability. 4. For drivers, implement a driver safety solution that mentors and alerts them of unsafe driving behavior to help avoid accidents. 5. Implement a positive safety incentive program that helps motivate employees to stay on track and work toward safety goals.

Jeff Harvey Executive Vice-President inthinc Salt Lake City

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