Safe Drivers Save Dollars

It is an established yet sad fact that the most life-threatening job in the nation is a truck driver. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), individuals involved in trucking suffered more fatalities than those in any other occupation. These fatalities accounted for 12% of all worker deaths. Drivers also experience more nonfatal injuries than any other occupation.

These dangers apply to all businesses that have people on the road who do any driving as part of their job. If drivers increase their seat belt usage, drive within the speed limit, and reduce aggressive driving behaviors, they will not only improve their odds of surviving an accident but will also increase the likelihood of avoiding one altogether.

Putting in place an active vehicle management system that leverages GPS technology and real-time, in-cab alerts for violations such as not wearing seat belts and for speeding can have far-reaching benefits in addition to saving lives. It can help lower operating costs-per-mile, improve productivity, reduce fuel consumption, and lower insurance and maintenance costs.

With the right technology, improving safety for drivers is possible and can deliver immediate results.

Jeff Harvey Executive Vice-President inthinc Salt Lake City

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