A.G. Lafley To Leave P&G. President Obama, Please Make Lafley Chief Innovation Officer

A giant in innovation is stepping down—A.G. Lafley is stepping down as CEO at Procter & Gamble. No other CEO outside of the tech industry has done as much as Lafley to adopt the principles of design thinking and innovation to remake an icon of American industry. He helped break down the silos inside the company and replace them with global networks of R&D; he opened the once-closed company to integrating new products from outside it’s culture; he created advisory panels of top innovation consultants to add fresh voices and criticism to proposed new products: and he made major progress in transforming a top-down, not-invented here corporate culture into a looser, more networked, innovative culture.

Read Lafley’s book, The Game Changer, is one of best ever written about the difficulties and rewards of building an innovation culture inside big companies.

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