Al Gore Says Agencies Should be Wary: Should They Listen?

Ad agency creatives better look out, according to former vice president Al Gore. Gore, who is co-founder of the cable network Current TV, delivered the keynote address at Digitas’ Digital Content NewFront event in New York City. He spoke about what he sees as a rapidly changing advertising and media landscape. Gore predicts that traditional ad models are set to change in a big way. Gore offered several VCAM (Viewer Created Ad Messages) ads. These are 30-second ads created by Current TV viewers. Current provides viewers with creative “briefs” and certain tools and assets such as logos, taglines and product images from advertisers like HP and T-Mobile. Viewers have produced more than half of Current’s ads. And according to the former Tennessee Senator and Nobel winner, those ads are are preferred by the network’s audience by a ratio of 9-to-1, over agency produced ads. Gore said the VCAM ads could come to displace “the industrial-revolution-like era of advertising, which produced ads that are big, blunt expensive and very intrusive”

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