GM's Coming Out Ad: Chapter 1

General Motors, reeling from months of bad press culminating in Monday’s Chapter 11 filing, launched a 60 second ad that seeks to put consumers at ease and open a new chapter in the automaker’s life.

The theme of the ad is reinvention. “This is not about going out of business. This is about getting down to business.”

The ad is by Deutsch/LA, which has been doing Saturn ads, as well as most of GM’s corporate ad work. The agency also came up with the name of GM’s most important new model to demonstrate its innovation—the Chevy Volt.

The launch of the ad on the Net Monday, to be followed by TV ad time Wednesday, was a small reversal of strategy articulated by GM sales and marketing chief Mark LaNeve last week when he told Businessweek he would probably go “dark” for as much as a week to let the media tell its stories about GM’s bankruptcy filing.

Probably a good idea to launch the ad right away, which gives the cable TV marathon something to run besides talking heads bashing GM. It also gives GM lots of free air play for the ad.

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