Philippe Starck on design, ecology, trends and heritage

Last week, I sat down with notorious designer, Philippe Starck to talk about his work, philosophy, creative process and more. As you’ll hear, it was a fairly free-wheeling conversation, but I particularly loved what he had to say about the resurgence of the idea of heritage. For Starck, the heirloom is the antidote to the maniacal consumerism of the past few decades — and a way to think about design in a smart, eco-conscious manner. In a neat twist, the consummate marketer (oh, how he’d bristle at that title) even came up with a neat spin for the trend. Call it avant garde, he advised, and watch people flock to it. There are some other gems in the interview, too. First up, for instance, I asked him to explain what he meant when last year he said he was ashamed of everything he’d ever designed.

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