The Case for Going "Paperless"

Small businesses should consider taking a "paperless" page from President Barack Obama’s efforts to shift to electronic medical records. He states that a change to electronic medical records could help save families up to $2,500 a year in his first term. If businesses implemented such a change, they too could save money. Other benefits include:

•Eliminate constant trips to the filing cabinet for documents that can be accessed with a click.

•Protect documents from natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

•Reclaim office space by reducing or eliminating the need for file cabinets.

•Improve customer service by being able to respond to requests from customers faster and more efficiently.

Organizations of all types are realizing that manual and paper-based processes for managing documents are inefficient and expensive. Embracing the "paperless office" concept is possible with today’s electronic document management systems.

Matt Peterson CEO eFileCabinet Provo, Utah

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