Off to Europe--and an event in London

I’m taking off for Europe tomorrow night, first to France for a weekend in Rennes, then on to a Numerati event in Prague. (I’ve never been there, but the Czechs have bought the book.) A week from today, on May 14, I’ll be doing an event at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. If any of you are in the neighborhood, please come.

Since I will officially be on vacation during this trip, I have decided to save my back and leave the laptop at home. Instead I hope to do (minimal) computing on a new iPod Touch I just bought. We’ll see how that goes. I also have a Blackberry (which didn’t work in Venezuela). I’m a bit concerned that if it does function in Europe, I’ll end up paying fat data fees for all the email I receive, including spam. But with all the other expenses over there, perhaps I’ll barely notice.

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