Thanks for All the Fish

So on a very personal note, I’ll be on leave for the next six months. I’m trying a new adventure: Motherhood. In fact, I am supposedly due today. But no action so far! It’s our first child, so in all likelihood, I won’t be blogging very much. From what I hear, I’ll most likely be trying to catch up on sleep and just taking in this new role.

I know that the next few months will be fascinating, as startups continue to try to figure out how to navigate this downturn. Twitter, Facebook, the evolution of media and advertising, venture financing, all these themes and companies that are going through pivotal times. I’ll miss being a part of that, but I’ll be sure to watch from afar (aka Techmeme!) And I’m sure I’ll pop into this blog every once in a while, either through comments or posts.

But as one of my favorite authors put it, so long (for now) and thanks for all the fish.

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