Ford Image Goes Way Up For Not Taking Taxpayer Money

Results of a national study measuring the current perception of the Ford Motor Company, conducted by Aloft Group, Inc., a brand consulting and communication firm, show that consumer perception of the Ford brand improved after they chose to not receive a loan from the U.S government.

Prior to the federal bailout, 41% of consumers had a positive perception of the Ford brand, but according to the survey, after Ford declined to take the loan it increased to 63%.

“The fact that Ford did not take government loan money appears to have had a significant positive impact on how consumers perceive the Ford brand,” stated Matt Bowen, president and CEO of Aloft Group, Inc. “Changing consumers’ perception of a brand is typically a slow and uphill process. This is very unusual in that this positive brand perception upswing occurred in a relatively short time frame and under intense global scrutiny of the auto industry. This could considerably impact Ford’s long term brand value.”

Other key findings from the survey:

* 33% of overall respondents are more willing to consider buying a Ford since Ford chose to not take the bailout money.

* 27% of overall respondents believe that Ford did not take the bailout money that was offered because they wanted to send a positive message to the American public. Only 24% of overall respondents believe that Ford didn’t actually need the money.

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