Designing design education

Earlier this week, I chatted with Nathan Shedroff, who helped to launch the MBA in design strategy program at California College of the Arts back in 2007. The degree course aims to unite disciplines such as design, finance and organizational management and give students a firm grounding in principles of design thinking and innovation.

It’s a topic I’m really interested in, as well as one that proves to be a thorny beast when it comes to working out how to cover it within BusinessWeek. Certainly, the question of how to teach design thinking and how to bridge the divide between “business” and “design” within an often inflexible education system is not an easy one. But then the need for employees who are able to think about innovation and apply it within a business context is only going to grow, which makes the codification of some system that teaches those principles ever more critical.

We’re currently knocking around ideas of how to cover design schools and design thinking for a special package we’ll publish over the summer. I’m thinking that perhaps it would be smart to focus on programs rather than schools. Nathan referred to this list he put together of some of the more interesting programs available, while as he also pointed out in the podcast, it seems like business schools are really leading the charge here so we can’t limit ourselves to design schools only. But I’d love your thoughts on which programs you think are noteworthy, or any other thoughts on how we should tackle this. Thanks in advance!

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