Fox's Dis of Obama is Okay This Time

The Fox Network’s decision not to run President Obama’s April 29 prime-time news conference is being derided in some quarters. It shouldn’t be.

But is there some meaning we should attach to the fact that the show that will run while Obama is speaking is called “Lie To Me.”

The other networks are carrying it, and so are the Fox News and Fox Business cable stations.

I suppose there is an issue of “form” here. Is it good form to dis the Pres?

But let’s face it. Not everyone is going to want to tune in, despite Obama’s popularity. And Fox is one of the channels those people can find where President Obama won’t be talking about his first 100 days in office.

Also, ratings on Fox when it carries a presidential conference or speech are terrible because the broadcast network has no dedicated news team. Sometimes local news affiliates provide commentary and such, but these are things are national events, and viewers typically want national scope and perspective.

Fox deserves a lot of criticism at times for some of the people it puts on the air, and the extremes to which it goes. But not this time.

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