Tips for lowering your apartment rent Part II

I made an appearance on ABC News Now yesterday discussing how to negotiate with your landlord for a lower rent. I talked about some of the tips I mentioned here, on the HotProperty blog a couple days ago.

You can watch the interview here.

There are a few things I didn’t have time to get into during the interview. For starters, landlords aren’t lowering rents everywhere. A lot depends on the supply and demand in a particular city or even in a neighborhood.

I’ve heard from some readers who say that their landlords are not budging. I’ve heard from some landlords that they don’t need to give discounts and are getting a bit tired of tenants pushing for a month or two of free rent.

In hard-hit New York City, landlords are being proactive, sometimes lowering rents automatically as leases come up for renewal. Would love to hear your experiences. Send them along.