Identifying My Target

"Ultimately, [the internship search] only worked out for me once I had a very clear, specific picture of what I wanted and why."

I'm surprised no one has created a reality TV show about Super Week, the week preceding second semester when those interested in I-Banking, Consulting, and Asset Management face back-to-back interviews for summer internships. Nervous MBAs make good comedic fodder. There are the anxiety-induced mistakes, such as saying you graduated from high school in 1982, or that 60% of 200 million Americans is 1,200. My personal Achilles heel was a "walk me through your résumé" that meandered into tangent land despite hours spent practicing. Added to the usual first-year jitters is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, when the company you're about to interview with announces on CNN that it's laying off thousands just minutes before your interview. There's potential here for a darn good television show.

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