India's BJP Chases Obama's Online Election Magic

Supporters of party leader L.K. Advani are blogging away and perfecting his Web site. Their inspiration: the U.S. Presidential campaign

To the résumé of L.K. Advani, the 81-year-old leader of India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), add an unlikely moniker: Internet superstar. Do a Web search for his Congress Party opponent, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and the first sponsored result is Advani's blog. View any online newspaper article from a computer in India, and Advani looks out at you from an ad, caught in an action pose, presumably demonstrating strength and decisiveness to highlight his slogan: "A Strong Leader, a Decisive Government." Watch India-related clips on YouTube and you run the risk of being distracted by Advani's image on a bright saffron-and-orange poster.

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