Get your government contracting game on

Selling to the government can help any business, especially as private demand declines. That’s what the stimulus plan is all about — temporarily using public spending on infrastructure and other needs to make up for the gap in demand. But the process of bidding on public contracts or getting certified as a woman-owned or minority-owned business can be maddening. Karen Klein walked readers through it in this column.

The advocacy group Women Impacting Public Policy offers online workshops as part of its Give Me 5 campaign aimed at getting 5 percent of federal contracts to women-owned businesses. (The rate is now around 3.4 percent, and the difference is worth billions of dollars.) Introductory courses are free, and higher level training is open to WIPP members. (Membership starts at $50 to $100, which could well be worth it if you’re seriously chasing down government contracts.)

Here’s a schedule of WIPP’s online training sessions. The 100-level classes are open to all, with no fee. WIPP partner OPEN has also put together a guide to contracting that you can download here.

Also check out this interactive graphic by Amy S. Choi on how to land a government contract from our latest Small Biz magazine.

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