A Reality Show About Small-Biz Layoffs?

There’s been a bit of buzz this week over Fox’s controversial new reality TV show, Someone’s Gotta Go, in which employees of struggling small businesses decide which of their co-workers get the axe. Critics have expressed doubts over whether layoffs — already either a reality or a fear to many — will make for entertaining television. I recently caught a few seconds of a reality TV show called “Shear Genius” – specifically, an episode in which hair-dresser contestants agonized over how they could match clients’ hair-dos to their pets. (?) At this point, the bar is so low that one could make the case that any reality TV show that addresses relevant topics could be high-brow for its genre. We’ll see. Meanwhile, if you are a struggling small business under pressure to conduct layoffs, read our story here on how you may be able to keep your people. Fox – maybe that’s an idea for a new show – Someone’s Gotta Stay?

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