Zemanta, a Slovenian Start-Up's Tale

My colleague Mark Scott has an interesting story about how Zemanta, a Slovenian startup that helps bloggers jazz up their sites, got started. After a blogger writes a post, Zemanta’s program scans the Web for related free material, such as videos or Wikipedia entries, that can help dress up the post. As Scott explains:

Zemanta’s premise may be simple, but bringing the product to life was far from it. For one thing, the initial prototype was written in Slovenian—not exactly a mainstream choice for reaching a wide Web audience. But after the company won a €50,000 ($67,200) prize in 2007 from Seedcamp, a European competition to foster entrepreneurship, Spetic and a team of five developers set about converting the software to English and raising more money.

The company is backed by Accelerator Group, Britain’s Eden Ventures, and Union Square Ventures.

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