Polish Designer Jacek Utko Describes Way For Newspapers To Win On Quality

How great is this quote?

“I’m not gonna tell you stories about teamwork or cooperation. My approach was very egotistic. I wanted my artistic statement. My interpretation of reality. I wanted to make posters. Not newspapers. Not even a magazine. Posters.”

Jacek Utko did stunning visual redesigns of Eastern European and Russian newspapers; apparently substantial circulation gains followed. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why This Can’t Work Here—and if I weren’t so dog-tired after a long day, I might go into some—but, still, here’s one very big bet newspapers might consinder going all-in on. (And it doesn’t involve suing the Internets!)

Below, the video of the presentation Utko gave at this year’s TED conference, “Can Design Save The Newspaper?”

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