The Business Week, Apr. 3, 2009

The rising role of government in the global economy and the struggles of U.S. automakers take center stage in our coverage on The Business Week. Welcome to the new video edition of our weekly podcast designed to catch you up on stories you may have missed, and prepare you for the week ahead.

In this episode of The Business Week, we take a closer look at the G-20 meeting in London and whether it will lead to a positive, coordinated effort to improve the economy. Assistant Managing Editor Chris Power and Economics Editor Peter Coy give us their take. We also talk to Detroit Bureau Chief David Welch about General Motors (GM) and whether it could end up filing for bankruptcy. Plus, we discuss weak auto industry sales, consider the impact of rising unemployment, and examine another big-city newspaper failure.

We would love to hear what you think about the show or what topics you would like us to cover in future weeks. Please fill out the comments section below.

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