The Elevator Pitch: T&E Cleanup

The Elevator Pitch: T&E Cleanup


ProOnGo Chicago


Phillip Leslie


How often have you ended a business trip with receipts in every bag, suit pocket, and folder? Most business travelers spend nearly three hours a month gathering, organizing, and submitting receipts for travel and entertainment reports. ProOnGo ( lets you digitize receipts using your smartphone camera. You can digitize up to 20 in 10 minutes and export them in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel format. ProOnGo Expense costs $19.99 for the Windows Mobile edition, with BlackBerry and iPhone versions coming soon. Future releases will turn digitized receipts into merchant names, dates, and amounts. The next time you find multiple receipts, use the one tool you carry everywhere: your smartphone.

The Critique

John Willmoth, venture partner, Chrysalis Ventures, Louisville

Leslie is on to something, Willmoth says: Business travelers hate the receipt accounting process, and something that makes it easier might be popular. At $20, the price is right. But Willmoth wonders whether ProOnGo will be compatible with corporate systems. And he's not sure Leslie has the makings of a business. "Can you grow this beyond the basic application?" Willmoth asks.

Distribution is another issue. Willmoth suggests mobile telecom carriers might want to offer ProOnGo for a monthly subscription fee; similarly, Leslie could focus on sales to corporations who could integrate it with their expense management systems. But the pitch needs to be more specific.

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