When Faced With Adversity, Be Persistent

When you hit an unexpected roadblock in your path, you may be tempted to lower your goals or expectations for that particular facet of your business. While lowering your aim might be a natural reaction, a true leader does not back down from his or her high expectations simply because the going gets tough.

Accepting setbacks graciously is not an easy thing to do, but there are ways that you can look at the situation rationally and make the necessary adjustments.

First, you must identify the situations in which you have a tendency to give up. When these snags arise, tell yourself that some persistence and optimism may be all that is needed to succeed.

Second, focus on making choices about what you can do as a remedy rather than feeling that you have to react in a certain way. Make your decisions knowing that you are responsible and that you can face the consequences regardless of the result.

Finally, accept responsibility for your decisions. You will find it easier to be optimistic about the outcome because you are in control of your business’ ultimate success.

Remember, a successful manager views mistakes or failures as temporary setbacks rather than permanent obstacles to business success. Persistence and determination carry effective leaders even in times of turmoil.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership West Chester, Pa.

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