Recession hits everything. Even the funnies.

Brenda Starr, girl reporter, was laid off this weekend by her newsroom boss B. Babbitt Bottomline. She’s not alone in her comic axed-ness — office cubicle mainstay Dilbert was fired earlier this year for starting his own business on company time. Of course, Dilbert only started the business because he knew he was next in line to get laid off anyways. We don’t know what Brenda’s doing next — Dilbert, it seems, has become an entrepreneur.

Funny, and not so funny, too. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, recently told BusinessWeek SmallBiz that the character is a reflection of the real world. The real world could use a little workplace comedy right now.

Check out Jeremy Quittner’s Q&A with Adams in the next issue of SmallBiz, due out April 10.