Be a Pillar of Optimism

Every business experiences some bumps in the road from time to time. Adversity can bring colleagues together if it is handled in the right manner and is not allowed to dampen the spirit of a work environment.

Leadership is often about putting people at ease and building confidence in others that problems will be overcome. If you begin to show signs of doubt, so will your employees. What you say to yourself in these situations has a direct impact on how you feel about the situation and how you are likely to respond. When faced with a difficult challenge or a negative result, try the following:

1. Tell yourself, "This is just another challenging situation. I’ve handled them before, and this one will be no different."

2. Verbalize your positive take on a situation to others who may be involved.

3. Keep the negative thoughts and emotions you may be feeling about the situation to yourself.

Remember that optimism is contagious; your employees will follow your lead during difficult times. Always keep a level head and be sure to help people see that the glass is half full.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership West Chester, Pa.