"Give us your geeks"

John Tozzi’s fantastic, exhaustive (and yes, exhaustive is the right word) Best Small Cities for Startups offers some juicy tidbits. Who knew Hilo, HI, in the shadow of Mauna Kea and the Kilauea Volcano, is actually a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity?

There are, of course, even smaller cities good for startups. Kingston, N.Y. is one of them. A colorful small town at the heel of the Catskills, it is reshaping itself as a hub for tech entrepreneurs tired of New York City. The Kingston Digital Corridor, a private-public partnership between the city government and residents is promoting the region, even helping tech entrepreneurs with their real estate needs.

In dire times, any helping hand — or finger, or toe, whatever — is reassuring. What other teeny tiny towns are doing their part to promote entrepreneurship? Let us know.

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