The Business Week, Mar. 27, 2009

The global economic slowdown continues to dominate our coverage on The Business Week. However, there are a few signs we may be starting to pull out of it. Welcome to the second video edition of our weekly podcast designed to catch you up on stories you may have missed, and prepare you for the week ahead.

In this episode of The Business Week, we take a closer look at the Treasury Dept.'s latest plan to rescue the U.S. banking sector, which helped give the stock market a boost. Economics Editor Peter Coy explains how the plan works and how it could help jump-start lending. We also delve into the rise in new-home sales and whether it signals the housing market has finally bottomed. Plus, we explore the commercial launch of the world's cheapest car from India's Tata, and Abu Dhabi's investment in Germany's Daimler.

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