G20 in London--Redesigning The Neoliberal Capitalist Model. ZipCar's Robin Chase Has Another Framework

The buzz in global policy circles is all about

The buzz in global policy circles is all about “Redesigning The System” and the upcoming Tuesday meeting in London will start with redesigning the global financial system. Clearly, we need to do this as the era of no regulation market capitalism has proved such a disaster. With perfect timing, my class in Design-At-The-Edge at The New School/Parsons is beginning a module on New Forms of Capitalism this Monday with a presentation on Sharing Capitalism by the founder in 1999 of Zipcar Robin Chase. Zipcar uses the web to make the idea of renting cars by the hour (and NOT owning but sharing) a business model reality. Robin then founded GoLoco to use social networking to making car pooling a business reality (if you get to know people via pictures and stories on a network, you’ll want to car pool with them).

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