Table: The Air Up There

Table: The Air Up There

David Allen Co. coaches use an "altitude map" as a device to help frame conversations with clients about their work and lives


The phone calls, e-mails, errands, and other stuff you do on a daily basis.

10,000 FEET

Inventory your projects, anything that requires more than one "action." Most people have between 30 and 120 projects.

20,000 FEET

Evaluate your major areas of focus and responsibility in your job and your personal life.

30,000 FEET

Consider your goals and objectives, where you'd like to be in a year or two. Where are your career and personal life going?

40,000 FEET

Your vision for your company, career, and life in three to five years.

50,000 FEET

Ask the big questions: What do you want to do with your career? Your life? This is a look at your purpose and values.

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