Make Business Problems a Priority

You may be tempted to put off finding a solution to a problem if you do not have to fix it right away. But procrastination is a fatal characteristic in the business world. Confronting problems head-on as they arise is the sign of a strong manager. Here’s how to tackle your latest difficulty in a timely fashion.

Gather the facts of the situation or problem before looking for the best solution.

Be creative in problem-solving and understand the best solutions are often not obvious.

Involve others and ask for their ideas and possible solutions, recognizing that the best ideas could come from anyone, not just those with specialized knowledge.

The most successful leaders accept that problems are a part of life and deal with them as they arise rather than resisting them or hoping they will just go away. Once you get in the habit of dealing with dilemmas as they come up, you will likely notice that multiple issues no longer build up and overwhelm your workplace—making for a much more manageable environment.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership West Chester, Pa.

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