Boosting Employee Productivity

The magnitude of the economic downturn for mid-sized organizations has been significant. Profits are down, workforces are shrinking, and employee engagement levels are tanking. According to new research by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), there has been a substantial decline in employee engagement, resulting in as much as a 5% reduction in employee productivity.

In a survey of more than 140 organizations, the HR Leadership Council, a CEB program for HR professionals at mid-sized organizations, found that mid-sized companies are undertaking typical cost-cutting measures. However, while most organizations might concur that lay-offs, hiring freezes, and reduction in compensation are the right ways to manage costs in a down economy, they may also be underutilizing the very thing that can successfully combat the waning productivity and disengagement that typically accompanies the state of "survivor syndrome" among remaining employees: the actions and influence of managers.

Maximize Manager Impact While in Cost-Cutting Mode:

#1: Communicate compensation changes through managers, not HR #2: Task managers with spearheading low-cost reward and recognition programs#3: Don't hold on to dead wood—trade up on talent#4: Fight declining productivity with performance management compliance

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