Taking Risks Is More Important than Stability Right Now

More BusinessWeek readers believe that taking risks is more important than stability right now. That’s clear from the latest survey results from our online poll on BusinessWeek.com on the state of innovation today. It’s a new feature of our multi-channel “Most Innovative Companies” special report.

One question we asked is “Which is more important to you today: Taking risks or stability?” Fifty-four percent of the 602 respondents who answered the question said “taking risks” is. The remaining 46% said “stability.”

Let’s point to another compelling question from the online-only survey to see what types of risks you might want your company to take to get more creative. In response to the query “What would you tell your boss to boost innovation at your company?” most of you (55% of the 614 who answered the question) said “Encourage all employees to submit ideas for new products.” The least popular response was “Hire an outside innovation firm” (only 3%). Here are the full results of this multiple-choice survey question:

Appoint a chief innovation officer 8% Encourage all employees to submit ideas for new products 55% Hire an outside innovation firm 3% Increase R & D spending 34%

So, it seems like most of you would like to see your companies get more daring during the recession, possibly by asking more of you to come up with fresh offerings for your customers, rather than going to external experts to help you to do so.

Please keep checking in to see more sneak peeks of our online survey results. On April 9, we'll publish the final results of this Web poll of readers, as well as the official ranking of the 50 Most Innovative Companies, based on a survey of senior executives around the world, conducted by the Boston Consulting Group. The ranking will also factor in financial information on the companies.

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