Slowing Down to Go Fast

Many sales professionals have the bad habit of assuming what their customers’ needs are and thus missing valuable opportunities to expand their business. I find this especially true when the sales pro has been working with the same group of customers for a long time. Tenure is a two-edged sword.

Here are the realities:

• Customers’ needs are always changing.

• A customer who wasn’t interested in the past may be now.

• Our perspective is maturing day by day.

Our customers’ needs and business realities are always changing. But with long-term customers a lot of us choose to act as if the opposite were true. We rarely slow down to verify what is really happening in our customers’ world.

When a sales pro from another company calls one of our customers and asks questions that land an order, we become frustrated. To prevent this from happening, slow down. Its the surest way to help you go fast in the long run. Always complete thorough needs analysis interviews with your customers to be sure you are sufficiently meeting their current needs and staying top of mind when future needs arise.

Charlie Fewell President Charlie Fewell & Associates Memphis

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